Dig It Deeper: Basement Underpinning

Location: Etobicoke

Scope of work: Underpinning basement to make the walls taller, water management, and navigating Covid-19.

We brought the wow-factor to this Etobicoke home’s “watch-your-head” basement by digging down and extending the walls from 6 ft to 9 ft. With our client moving back to the country in 3.5 short months, the timeline for this fairly major structural work was tight. The goal, of course, was to welcome the family home to a whole new usable basement. Shortly into the digging process, we unexpectedly hit the water table — a hurdle no one could have anticipated, as water tables rise and fall regularly. We amped up our water management protocol by tripling sump pumps and adding waterproofing membranes throughout the interior. Our clients can be certain their new basement is flood-free for the future. And all this was done while navigating new COVID-19 rules and restrictions. We are proud of our team for getting this one done — plus, the kids love playing in their new space downstairs!