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It’s true - you can have it all from just one team

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We give quality design and construction, even behind the drywall.

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We provide thorough planning and continuous communication to our clients.

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We are a strong believer that respectful, trusting relationships are essential.

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We look for opportunities to surprise and delight.

The Bakerhill Origin Story

With over a decade working as a subtrade, we witnessed first-hand the short-cuts and questionable quality that permeates the construction landscape. Cutting corners at the expense of the customer has unfortunately become the norm. But while there were frustrations, we also connected with many amazing people and realized we now had a team and the know-how to do great work on our own. So, we took the bold step to start Bakerhill Renovations and never looked back!

Bakerhill Renovations was born with a firm belief that there is a better way. Today, we have built a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled team of professionals who do renovations differently — with a genuine care for you, your home, and your experience.

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About Us
About Us
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